In addition to helping smallholder farmers grow and harvest crops that will be processed for finished products, Burke Agro also sources and sells fresh fruit for export. 

The company’s agronomists and quality assurance department work with the Institute of Sanitary and Agricultural Protection (IPSA) to inspect 100% of raw materials purchased from farmers. Farms are in the process of FSA certification and are managed under GAP (Good Agricultural Practices). The farms are also USDA Organic and comply with international standards that include routine audits, inspections, and rigorous record keeping.

Burke Agro offers a wide range of heirloom fruit varieties indigenous to Nicaragua. All of the fresh fruit available for export is Non-GMO and Certified Organic.


  • Pitahaya Hylocereus Triangularus | 8-12 units / case

  • Papaya Belanova | 8-10 units / case

  • Mango Rosa | 12-14 units / case

  • Pineapple Montelirio | 8-10 units / case

  • Coconut | 9 units / case