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Burke Agro is an independent agriculture development branch of Sol Organica, S.A and is made up of a dedicated team of agronomists focused on improving sustainable farming practices with smallholder farmers to ensure quality, productivity, certifications and a consistent and transparent purchase process. The company offers credit and access to organic inputs to marginalized and emerging farmers. Burke Agro also sources and sells a wide variety of organic fresh fruit to international markets.


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Burke Agro is on the ground every day with individual producers and cooperatives to encourage certifications and farmer development programs that benefit Nicaraguan farming families and their communities. Access to credit is one of the gaps in the food system that Burke Agro bridges through its credit program.

Organic Program


In a continued effort to support the growth and livelihood of regional smallholder farmers, Burke Agro has developed an innovative organic input distribution program that directly benefits smallholder farmers and increases their yearly incomes through improved yields and decreased costs.


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In addition to working with farmers to grow and harvest the highest quality organic fruit for finished products, Burke Agro also sells its own line of heirloom fresh fruit varieties to international markets.

grantS & project management


The development of smallholder farmers is an integral part of Burke Agro's mission. As such, grants and projects are not viewed as isolated initiatives, but rather are woven directly into the company’s operations to assure short term coherence and long term sustainability. We have deep meaningful partnerships with brands, manufacturers and development agencies that share our vision and passion for social and environmental impact. 

2018 Impact report

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Burke Agro is proud to present our 2018 Impact Report, which outlines the progress and achievements we have made in supporting long-term sustainability and the livelihoods of smallholder farmers in Nicaragua.